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top10: Cultural Laos

Here we go; the last top10 from the beautiful country of Laos. These are the ten best photos I took while I was there. Picked because they are interesting, characteristic of the place, because they encapsulate a vivid memory, or just because they … Continue reading

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top10: Bangkok

Welcome to the final top10 post! I flew home from Bangkok, via Singapore, so this marks the end of my travels. At least for the time being. There is still a huge amount of the world that I haven’t written about … Continue reading

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top10: Northern Thailand

The ten best photos I took during my time in the North of Thailand; Pai and Chiang Mai. These have been chosen because I think they show something particularly interesting, characteristic of the country, encapsulating a vivid memory I hold of … Continue reading

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top10: Modern Japan

It’s top10 time again! This week it’s the turn of Japan, an endlessly fascinating country. In Japan, there’s a huge dichotomy between the traditional world of castles, samurai and temples, and the modern world of cutting-edge tech, crazy fashion and … Continue reading

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top10: South Korea

Time for another top10 post, showcasing the best photos I’ve managed to take on my travels. A quick recap of the rules: Ten photos per country. They must be taken by me. No fakery, staging, or zoos. This week’s country … Continue reading

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Beijing, Part 2: The Forbidden City, Parks and Hutongs, and Beijing Duck

Distance Travelled: 7573 miles Date: 17-22nd July As I walked the moat surrounding the walls of the Forbidden City the air swarmed with hundreds of dragonflies, darting and shimmering in the sun, and rang with the high-pitched whine of cicadas. … Continue reading

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