top10: Natural Laos

The photos from Laos PDR are going to be the last of the top10 series from individual countries, so I’m going to split it up a bit, and upload a set showcasing the natural environment, the nightlife and the Laotian culture. These will be posted today, Wednesday and next Saturday, so check back then to see the rest.

First up is Natural Laos; the landscapes of this rugged and beautiful country.

The rules will otherwise remain unchanged:

  • Photos are chosen because they are interesting, characteristic of the place, because they encapsulate a vivid memory, or just for being beautiful.
  • There will be 10 photos per area.
  • The photo must be taken by me.
  • No zoos. More broadly, I will disqualify photos that are ‘staged’ or fake.

If you’ve seen the previous installments you’ll know that the rules are pretty flexible, but I’ll make it plain if I break them.

#10 – The Mekong


#9 – Blue Mountains


Not the most exciting photo, but I love the colour.

#8 – Boats on the Mekong


The slow boats moored up in Luang Prabang

#7 – The bridge over the river Mekong


Marina crossing a bamboo bridge in Luang Prabang, on our way to a restaurant on the other side. At night it is lit up by the string of lights along the top. Picturesque, but not very stable; it is removed in the wet season when the river current gets too strong to stand against.

#6 – A bend in the river at Luang Prabang


This was taken from the bridge above, looking upstream

#5 – Mountainous Terrain


On the road between Luang Prabang and Vang Vieng.

#4 – The skyline in Vang Vieng


#3 – Going for an elephant ride near Luang Prabang


I took this one from the back of another elephant. I’ll get around to writing about that experience before too long hopefully.

#2 – The view from a minibus


Laos is such a picturesque country.

#1 – Fishing on the Mekong


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