top10: The Slow Boat

At the beginning of the previous top10 post, Bangkok, I wrote that it would be the last one. I was wrong. Somehow I managed to forget about Laos; a huge oversight, as Laos was one of my favourite countries.

To get in to Laos, I took a bus from Chiang Mai to the border towns of Chiang Khong/Huang Xai and from there took the slow boat downriver to the amazing town of Luang Prabang. This installment of the top10s covers that journey.

#10 – The Slow Boat


Inside the boat. They separate backpackers and locals into different boats.

#9 – The view from starboard


Cruising downriver on day two of the journey.

#8 – A Laos style houseboat


Used for transporting goods up and down the Mekong.

#7 – Fishing poles


These were wedged into the rock all along the river; set up and ready to catch dinner.

#6 – Laotian fisherman


Fishing for his supper with a traditional basic rod and line; no reel.

#5 – The shoreline


This was the beautiful view for most of the journey downriver; dense jungle.

#4 – Boats


This was the main jetty at Huang Xai with the boats lined up ready for the long trip downriver to Luang Prabang.

#3 – Cruising downriver


Lou, looking out at the passing scenery.

#2.1 & 2.2 – Riverside scenes


A small herd of water buffalo grazing on the shore. Likely owned by one of the local villages.


A small hut set up by the side of the river.

#1 – A Laotian fishing village


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