top10: Singapore

Time for another top10 post, showcasing the best photos I’ve managed to take on my travels. We missed the update last weekend because I forgot that I had run out of scheduled posts, sorry! They will continue on schedule for the next few weeks now.

For those new to the top10 series on this blog; a quick recap of the rules:

  • I will upload ten photos from each country I’ve visited.
  • All of those uploaded will be taken by me.
  • I will exclude any photos that deliberately use fakery, staging, or zoos.
  • The photos I upload are chosen because I think they show something particularly interesting, characteristic of the country, because they encapsulate a vivid memory I hold of that country, or just for being pretty.

This installment: the sweltering metropolis of Singapore. In at number ten:

#10 – The Marina Bay Sands Casino


A huge casino hidden underneath the Marina Bay Sands. Thousands of people losing their money.

#9 – Little India


While walking into the city center I passed through Little India, a beautiful part of the city, with great food on offer.

#8 – The entrance to Raffles Hotel


The imposing and iconic hotel, lit up at night.

#7 – Waterfall


A man-made waterfall inside the billion dollar Gardens By The Bay. If you know the Eden Project in Cornwall, it’s a lot like that. But more impressive.

#6 – The marina at night


Every night at nine, the Marina Bay Sands is lit up for a spectacular light show. The casino is somewhere underneath one of those towers.

#5 – The Gardens By The Bay


The aforementioned billion dollar project. It’s difficult to take photos of this place that don’t look impressive. The two domes house plant biomes, and the three towers are stylized trees. There are others around the park with walkways running between them.

#4 – The Sultan Mosque


Found on Arab Street, the Sultan Mosque is one of the most important in Singapore

#3 – Sharks!


School children marvelling at the sharks in the SEA Aquarium. That’s a sandbar shark in the foreground with more in the background along with blacktip and whitetip reef sharks. Probably the best aquarium I’ve ever been to, and the one in Osaka has a whale shark.

#2 – Vesper Martini


This is in the Long Bar at Raffles – the birthplace of the Singapore Sling. I had the Vesper after having one of those, and it was way better.

#1 – Singapore from the sky

IMG_3217Well, not from the sky, but this was taken from the 72nd floor of the Swissotel. Beers are only $10 during happy hour, and with a view like this, that’s a bargain. Spot the Marina Bay Sands, the Singapore Flyer (ferris wheel), the Gardens By The Bay, and the massive flotilla of ships sitting just off the coast.


BONUS PHOTO – Signs of Big Brother

IMG_3128Actually, this is an awesome policy. I kinda wish that China would implement it. But there were a lot of these signs, with penalties for apparently everything. Signs banning durian was the other big one that you see a lot of, and that’s awesome too. If you don’t know what durian is, count yourself lucky. It’s the fruit that is described in the ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ film as ‘tastes like sweaty feet’. It smells worse than that. Like rancid trenchfoot.

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