top10: Australia – The East Coast

Welcome to Australia week here at the bloggingbackpacker! I’m breaking with the top10 rules this week, to bring you not one, but four separate top10 posts from Australia.

I was living in Australia for a full year (as opposed to a few weeks for most other countries), so I found it extremely difficult to narrow things down to merely ten photos for the whole year. To get around this, I’m posting a top10 for these areas:
– The East Coast (including Tasmania)
– Central Australia
– Coral Bay and the national parks of WA
– The Great Barrier Reef

These will be posted on Saturday (today), Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. Next week we will return to the normal schedule with New Zealand.

The rules will remain unchanged:

  • Photos are chosen because they are interesting, characteristic of the place, because they encapsulate a vivid memory, or just for being beautiful.
  • There will be 10 photos per area.
  • The photo must be taken by me. This disqualifies a lot of photos I’ve already posted from Australia, especially the underwater ones.
  • No zoos. More broadly, I will disqualify photos that are ‘staged’ or fake. If there’s a photo of an animal, it will be wild.

As stated, the first set will be those taken on the east coast of Australia – from Sydney up to Cape Tribulation.

#10 – Cook with Gas


A familiar sight in Launceston, Tasmania

#9 – Flowers in Brisbane


Not the most exciting photo, but I love the colour.

#8 – Launceston Gorge


A great place to swim.

#7 – Red-bellied black snake


I spotted this guy sunning itself in a clearing in Cape Tribulation. In case you are wondering, yes it can be deadly and yes, I used a lot of zoom.

#6 – The Sydney Skyline


This was taken from a vantage point in the botanical gardens, with a couple of bottles of bubbly and some great friends.

#5 – Eastern Water Dragon


Spotted in Brisbane. BONUS PHOTO: An adult water dragon.


#4 – Gecko in Cape Trib


BONUS PHOTO: Boyd’s Forest Dragon, spotted while walking through the Daintree Rainforest at night.


#3 – Blue Mountains Panorama

Blue Mountains

#2 – No Swimming


Spoiling an otherwise great beach in Townsville.

#1 – Evening in the Blue Mountains


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