Future Plans

Distance Travelled: 60,215 km
Date: 20th March 2013

Three and a half months after coming to New Zealand, it’s time for me to leave. On the 2nd of April, I am flying to Singapore, then on to Bangkok a couple of days later. From there I plan on spending a couple of months travelling around South East Asia before returning to New Zealand to earn some more money. So it’s not goodbye, merely ‘see you soon’.

The past few months have been pretty dull; I’ve been trying to save every penny to fund this next trip. So I’m looking forward to it immensely. Very little has been booked, but I’ve made an elaborate (and perhaps overly optimistic) plan which will take me through Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Malaysia (both peninsular and Borneo), Java, Bali and Komodo. Whether or not I manage to get to all of these places remains to be seen, but it’s going to be great fun trying. I will try to post updates on here, but long time readers will know how useless I am at that.

The Taupo Trout

As to the blog, I’m hoping to finish off writing about my time in Australia before I headback to Asia (maybe a half dozen posts), and there may potentially be a couple of other worthwhile things to say about New Zealand. It should be a busy couple of weeks, so long as I can motivate myself to get writing.

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2 Responses to Future Plans

  1. Nathan says:

    Jon, you maniac! How long can one guy travel?! Sorry for my lack of contact – I decided to vanish from view, I gave up social networking on Facebook as it finally got too much for me. I hope all’s good. I can be contacted via email. We are LONG overdue a drink, Mr. I hope you’ll decide to return to cold, dull, rainy England soon 🙂 Nathan

    • Hey, good to hear from you mate. I had noticed you disappeared from fb a while back. You really sell England well haha! I’ll be back before the year’s up, but I’ve no idea when yet. Maybe you should come have a drink in the Southern Hemisphere with me…

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