A commitment

As it stands, I’m currently about 9 months behind on writing these blog posts. Considering I’ve been away for only around 10 months, that’s pretty awful. It’s not quite as bad as that sounds- I don’t have much more to say about the last 4 months spent in Australia (with the exception of the 1000km roadtrip I just took along the Great Ocean Road), but I’m still doing poorly.

This should get better- I slowed down after a while, and stopped doing really cool stuff every single day, but I’ll still take a while to get caught up.

So, I’m making a commitment here to write more. I will have an update online every Thursday. So check back every week.

The main reason for being so behind is that these posts just take so long to write. I timed the last couple, and Xi’an and the Terrcotta Warriors posts (written together. The latter to be up next week) took eleven and a half hours to write, and a post I’ve written on Mount Hua that will be posted in two weeks took very nearly four hours, and that one is mostly pictures. All that is time that I could be out, meeting new people and exploring the world. But I’ll get better- that’s a promise.

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1 Response to A commitment

  1. annehome says:

    I am appreciating and enjoying your commitment.

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