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The Great Wall

Can an old wall really deserve the epithet ‘Great’? I mean after all, it’s just an old wall. You can’t even see it from space. Is it really that cool? You give me a cannon, and I could conquer it. … Continue reading

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Beijing, Part 2: The Forbidden City, Parks and Hutongs, and Beijing Duck

Distance Travelled: 7573 miles Date: 17-22nd July As I walked the moat surrounding the walls of the Forbidden City the air swarmed with hundreds of dragonflies, darting and shimmering in the sun, and rang with the high-pitched whine of cicadas. … Continue reading

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2011 in review

I just had an email through from the wordpress stats elves, and they’ve put together a report for me on who’s been reading this year. I’ve got to say, I’m pretty surprised at how many people have been coming here, … Continue reading

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