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Part nomad Olympics, part family reunion, part carnival, and with a full weeks national holiday. Naadam is awesome. Locally, it’s called “eriin gurvan naadam“, the three games of men. The main events are held over three days, but the entire … Continue reading

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Ulaanbaator, Mongolia

Distance travelled: 6730 miles Date: 11th-16th July Coming into UB was a bit of a shock. We had spent hours travelling past the most amazing, unspoiled countryside, and suddenly come into the sprawling monstrosity that is the capital of Mongolia. … Continue reading

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Da-svi-dan’ye Russia

So now that I’ve left Russia, I decided I’d add a couple of thoughts that hadn’t been included already. The first thing that struck me is the sheer size. Russia is big. Really big. (You may think it’s a long … Continue reading

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The Trans-Siberian Express

Distance: 6,210 miles in total Date: Non-continuously from 30th June to 17th July I know you’ve been waiting for this one. Don’t worry, the photos are pretty. The Trans-Siberian proper runs from Moscow all the way across to Vladivostok. The … Continue reading

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