A wiser man than I once said that the blogs of the internet can be thought of as belonging to one of three categories:knowledge, adventure, and bacon.

First, knowledge blogs are those which tell you interesting things, regardless of whether the author is or not. Adventure blogs are those where the author is having such a wonderfully exciting time with their life that it’s interesting to read about, and live vicariously through them.

The other category of blog is somewhat of a catchall, and includes those blogs which might be discussing nothing at all, or what the author had for breakfast, or their preferred curing methods for certain cuts of pork. It doesn’t matter. They get read because the author is famous, a good writer, funny, or because the reader has a personal connection.

I suspect that this blog will be an amalgum of all three, rather throwing that theory out of the window.

Anyway, welcome to the blogging backpacker, my record of the adventures I’ll be having over the next year or so. If for some reason you don’t know me already, there’s an about page up there, and there should be links to subscribe over on the right. Hope you enjoy it, and make sure you leave me some good comments!

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2 Responses to Welcome!

  1. Grace says:

    Ha ha loving the blog so far Mong. I can’t say I would have been too keen to stay in the same hostel that you went too as it looks a bit horrible…. but I suppose it was a place to stay! Hope you enjoy Moscow! Be safe.

    • Ha ha. Yeah, I really didn’t do it justice. It was actually a really nice place, had something like a 92% rating on hostel world, just the entrance was kinda dodgy. How was your weekend in cheltenham? And have you been to that cocktail bar yet?

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