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Irkutsk and Lake Baikal

Distance travelled: 6038 miles Date: 8th-9th July After another day or so on the train (which I will write about soon, promise), I arrived in Irkutsk. This was my first proper stop since Moscow, so I headed straight for my … Continue reading

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Some Housekeeping

Apologies for not writing more about my travels. This post is a quick break to add a couple of notes on the running of the blog, and questions on how to improve it. Length- Is the length of each blog … Continue reading

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Siberian Cities: Ekaterinburg, Omsk, Novosibirsk

I did intend to write about the Trans-Siberian Express here, but I’ve decided to hold off on that until I get to Ulaanbaator. That way, I’ll have more to say about it, and more importantly, pretty pictures of the Mongolian … Continue reading

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Moscow: Red Square, The Kremlin and Lenin

Or: Can I have a lemon one please mate? Distance travelled: 1766 miles Yes, that’s right, I used those immortal words. But that comes later. Moscow Upon arriving off of my overnight train, and ditching my bag at the hostel … Continue reading

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Saint Petersburg: Museums, Tzars and Russian Vodka

Distance travelled: 1362 miles Well, here we go then. The start of my year long adventure. And I’m sorry to say that it doesn’t start very excitingly, with a layover of a couple of hours in Riga, en route to … Continue reading

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A wiser man than I once said that the blogs of the internet can be thought of as belonging to one of three categories:knowledge, adventure, and bacon. First, knowledge blogs are those which tell you interesting things, regardless of whether … Continue reading

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